A Guide to Reflective Practice Essay

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A guide to Reflective Practice in Social Care. This guide is designed to support new social car workers in a understanding of what reflective practice is, how it can contribute to improve quality of service provisions, and how social care workers can reflect on their practice through reflective practice. What is reflective Practice ?? Reflective practice is simply put, thinking about how and why what you and others are doing?? Thinking about what happened is a part of being human however the difference between casual thinking and a reflective practice is that reflective practice takes a conscious effort to think about events/ behaviours and develop insight into them? Why is reflective Practice important? Through reflective Practice, developing a better insight and understanding of people you support and yourself will ultimately mean that you will provide a better service! How reflective practice contributes to improving the quality of service provisions. Using reflective Practice you will be able to contribute to your service provision by being able to reflect .process, evaluate and achieve progress through your better understanding of client group/user. Also thinking about your personal reflection what have you done well, what can you improve on, what have I learned from this? How standards can be used to help social care workers reflect on their practice? Using company policies familiarize yourself with your companies working standards. What is your work standards, what does your social care employee expect of you and what is it aim for for the service provision? An example of a social care provision mission statement & values: Mission Statement “Style Acre strives to provide safe and nurturing environments for people with learning disabilities to grow and develop in their own unique way and with the utmost

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