Unit 4222-393 Essay

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Understand Sensory Loss SS MU 3.1 1. Understand the factors that impact on an individual with sensory loss. Sensory Loss has been defined as “ a decreased ability to respond to stimuli that affect our senses(hearing, touch etc.)” A range of factors can impact on an individual with sensory loss affecting communication, difficulty hearing, finding employment, limited mobility, sight or they may have a dual sensory loss. These factors can affect a person’s ability to be a part of their own community or play active roles in society as they feel isolated and often lack of understanding from others in regard to their sensory loss. People with sensory loss often feel frustrated when trying to express themselves and can often be misunderstood in a variety of situations. Society’s attitudes towards people with sensory loss is that people often think just because they have a sensory loss that they have limited capacity in other areas and over compensate for this without asking the person of their abilities and taking the time to recognise their strengths. Individuals not having their own opinions valued and taken into account can affect their overall health and wellbeing. Society has improved in their attitudes towards those with hearing problems such as the use of subtitled information, the use of guide dogs for the blind. The new legislation was put in place to support others who have a range of disabilities such as the Disability Discrimination Act and the Equality Act. Due to the shift in attitudes towards individuals with sensory loss this has led to a more person centred approach where individuals are in involved in the planning of their care. Past service provision for those with sensory loss where not part of the planning of their care and this was decided by the organisations and just delivered not taking into account individual circumstances and needs.

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