Introductory Awareness of Sensory Loss

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Answer in Unit 4222-258 Introductory awareness of sensory loss Outcome 1 1. Describe how a range of factors have a negative and positive impact on individuals with sensory loss In sensory loss (touch/ mobility, vision, hearing) can have a big impact to an individual like for example in mobility, the person can not feed or dress himself, or can not participate in an activity and worst if he can not attend to his personal daily living. Another is eyesight or vision, the person who suffers from this disability have a very hard time communicating or even to express themselves to what they want to do and wishes without the help of other person. This case is the same with a person who is deaf or can not hear anything. And sometimes when you suffer from this disabilities, people are easily judge you in a way that they try to seclude you or belong you to have a below average intelligence and assume that you can not do or think the same as other people. In the other hand there is also positive impact of this disability because help is always at hand, aids and benefits are available to support you and some opportunities to have a better outlook in life is be presented. 2. Identify steps that can be taken to overcome factors that have a negative impact on individuals with sensory loss In my own opinion, the thing that can overcome factors that have a negative impact on individuals with sensory loss is to first recognize what is the problem and try to acknowledge or seek help. Like for example if an individual suffers from blindness, the person should open himself for treatment, that he/she should seek help to correct the problem. Doing this will not only refrain him from prejudice but this individual will be able to make the necessary arrangement to restore his/her eyesight or even have other means to correct it. In the event that the condition is not cured

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