Unit 4222-250 Nvq3 Personal Hygiene Written Questions

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Unit 4222-250 1.1 Personal hygiene is important for many reasons firstly maintaining good personal hygiene will prevent your skin possibly breaking down and the complications that go with that such as it effects your health. Good hygiene could mean people feel more confident and are more likely to want to be sociable. Personal hygiene also helps people have a better self image. Good hygiene also prevents the spread of germs and illnesses to others. 1.2 The effects of poor personal hygiene can make people feel that they cannot socialise and this may make them try to withdraw from others, it may also make the person in question feel that they are not worthy and have a bad self image, people may even feel that they are ugly. This can effect people in lots of different ways. If people have poor hygiene others may not want to socialise with them or may try to avoid them. This can effect there well being as again self worth is gone, possibly may become withdrawn and possibly refusal to go to social areas, in a care home this could even mean not wanting to go out to public areas to eat, to watch t.v etc. and they may wish to stay in there room. This could lead to depression. Poor hygiene can contribute to skin becoming sore and could eventually cause the skin to breakdown. A poor hygiene routine can cause pad burn or nappy rash from wearing a dirty incontinence pad for a long time, these can also help to worsen pressure sores. Not washing properly can also cause or help towards infections of the skin if broken. Poor Oral hygiene may result in tooth decay or infections. Fungal infections are another result of poor hygiene. 2.5 When I am assisted an individual with personal care to maintain their dignity I firstly ensure that the door is shut and we are in a private area where we wont be interrupted. Before I do anything I ensure I have everything we need to
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