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CT298 Principles of Safeguarding and Protection in Health and Social Care 1.1 The different types of abuse and what they mean are: PHYSICAL – Causing physical harm to an individual by hitting, shaking, biting, throwing, burning or scalding, suffocating and force-feeding. SEXUAL – Behaving in sexual inappropriate ways, forcing an individual to take part in sexual activities, rape, buggery, watching sexual activities. EMOTIONAL/PSYCHOLOGICAL – Bulling, swearing, threats, inappropriate expectations, conveying feelings of worthlessness. FINANCIAL – theft of money or property, denying individuals access to their own money, mismanagement of individuals finances. INSTITUTIONAL – failure to maintain professional boundaries, misuse of authority, power over vulnerable individuals, inappropriate use of medication and physical restraint. SELF NEGLECT – neglecting personal hygiene, causing bodily harm and refusing to eat or drink. NEGLECT BY OTHERS – not caring for an individual that needs help in basic hygiene like washing, feeding toileting and personal care. 1.2 The signs and symptoms of abuse can be bite marks on individual or bruising, changes in certain behaviours which can also lead to death in extreme cases. You may also see cuts on an individual from self harming, inappropriate sexual behaviour and could lead to repeated urinary infections. There could also be signs of depression, loss of self esteem and self confidence, withdrawn from things and a loss of interest, insecurity and not being able to trust people as a result of financial abuse. Unkempt appearance, loss of weight, dehydration and not looking presentable can be forms of neglect. 1.3 There are factors contributing to an individual being more vulnerable to abuse the individuals age could be a factor if they are elderly or a young person and they cannot
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