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Assignment 305 Task B Reflective account Bi) I once worked in a residential home caring for the elderly. They were all very independent and needed minimal care. They all had capacity and everything was very person centred. One particular gentleman Mr A, we had noticed that his personal hygiene was not what it used to be. Mr A would have a shower daily. But for some reason it appeared that he was not using his shower at all. Mr A seemed to still be himself, he appeared well, mobility remained the same , he was eating and drinking fine and still had good social interaction with staff and other residents. So why was having a shower we wondered, and how was we going to approach this matter. We decided that we would firstly have a meeting with his keyworker. This was done monthly anyway with the individual and keyworkers to discuss needs and review care plans etc. This way we felt would be more respectful and Mr A may open up to his keyworker. The key worker brought the subject up with a caring approach and said that we had noticed that he had not been having a shower as he used to. His keyworker asked if he was struggling and needed a little support. Would be prefer to have a bath? Was there anything bothering him? Mr A said that he just didn’t feel like havening one and now prefers to have a strip wash. This was documented and monitored. We could not force Mr A to have a bath or shower but at the same time as careers we have a duty of care . After a week of reviewing this we had noticed that his flannels in his bath room were dry and was evidence that actually he wasn’t even having a strip wash, but he was having a wet shave every other day. We next called in the family and explained to them what was going on. The family said that they had also noticed that

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