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Unit 303 Task Ci I work in a day centre assisting service users who have dementia ranging from mild to severe cases, each individual has been brought up differently from the next and very different from me. It is my duty of care to acknowledge and remember this daily and respect everyone’s preferences and beliefs. My own personal preferences should not be forced onto an individual just because I think it is right, for example, what to watch on the television or a certain activity that I disliked like singing or baking wouldn’t be offered as a choice even though I knew some of the service users enjoyed doing it as these activities have played a very large part of nearly all the service users lives, but not my own. My attitude towards people should never be judgemental, even if I were to believe something is wrong, an example being because I shower every day trying to force it onto another as a lot of elderly people bath once a week and find it uncomfortable and pressurised if persuaded otherwise, it has probably been a lifetime activity to have a bath on a Sunday from childhood, its how they have been brought up differently to myself and everyone has the right to choose for themselves. We should never try and force our feelings onto others, an individual may feel upset and sad, it’s no good if we go to them all happy as it shows we don’t respect them, we should talk with them and find out if possible why they are upset and make them feel included. A person’s heritage and beliefs are a big part of their lives, it is what makes an individual unique, all of us have our own beliefs in what is right and wrong, acceptable or unacceptable eg. when to clean or change clothes. Religion has effects on the way a person lives, it is important to respect and honour their religion even if it’s not the same as my own, I do not go to church regularly even though I did when I

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