Unit 3 P1 Analysis

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P1 - The structure and function of a health or social care organisation Aims and Values * The aims and values of my placement are to strive to achieve the best and improve lives of the local children and families. The service providers do this by giving the young children within the area a good head start in life. This includes reading, writing, learning numbers and shapes at an early age. Structure and organisation of the staff * The management’s role is to ensure all safeguarding procedures are met and followed as well as ensuring the health and safety of everyone at ‘Hamd House Nursery’ is fully met. The management also observes staff and offers training and support. Keyworkers are responsible to also ensure safeguarding procedures…show more content…
The second step, if the complaint was not dealt within first instance then a written complaint to the area manager is to be made. After that, the complaint will be investigated and meetings may also be arranged. A written response should be sent to complaint within 28 days and the complaint will be logged and kept at the nursery for at least three years. The third step, if the complaint is not satisfied then Ofsted should be contacted. Medication: Medication will not be administered any child, only exception in severe asthma. In such a care the nursery manager must be informed of any medication that is needed to be taken. A parent consent form will be required to be completed before any medication is administered. The service users are families with children aged three to five years. The setting provides the children with three hours a day, there are morning classes and after noon classes. According to my knowledge there isn’t any child within my placement that has special needs. Hamd House Nursery followed ‘EYFS’ (which stands for Early years foundation stage) and ensures all area of needs are met. And the Nursery has contact with the Council for supplies such as water and Ofsted for feedbacks and ways improve on the service that is delivered. The facilities and equipment that are used in my placement are the following: * Bathrooms *

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