Unit 16 Assignment 1 P1

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The budget is important for Tesco to consider when planning HR, this is because if they do not have a large budget they would need to have a smaller workforce or lower wages to cut costs. Tesco is a huge company they have store all over the world, so it would be easier for the company to employ more workers. It is important for Tesco to consider skill levels, as this could be another way to save money if they employed people with many different skills, as in the future if somebody leaves a job role and you already have somebody employed that has the necessary skills to do the job they can go into the job easier and more naturally than someone outside the business. To get the most out of their workers, Tesco try to create the most positive workplace possible by offering some of the following: clear job descriptions and annual reviews, a wellness program, morale-building activities such as contests or outings, an employee newsletter and frequent communications about individual, these things will improve productivity because employees work better when they're happy. Political factors are important for Tesco to cover when planning HR, From a shift in local public opinion to a change in government or even a new industrial world superpower entering the market, politics influence how much funding is available, how much tax must be paid, minimum wage rates, how markets are controlled. Tesco need to consider the external economic factors, this is because how much money is available for salaries, training and equipment is the most immediate concern in human resource planning, however, external economics plays an equally critical role. For example, people don’t have as much money to spend in an economic downturn and are normally much more selective in what they buy or what services they use. This means some industries, such as those producing luxury items or
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