Firefighter Interview Essay

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Interview questions Jonathan : How would you define; Firefighter? A firefighter is a person who values saving people and property while risking their own life and performing certain tasks. What department and company do you work for? I work full time for the Portland Fire Department specifically on Engine 11 in East Deering. There are about 246 full time firefighters and EMS providers hired and three at a time for my station. I have worked here for just about 10 years and think I have found my home after all of the other departments I have worked for volunteer or not. I like this station and department and have grown a bond with some of the guys here at the house. Where are the different places have you worked in the fire service?…show more content…
Technology wise, every person going into a building will have a thermal imaging camera, not just one for per truck. Undoubtably there will be much more EMS and less fires as history has shown itself. What is the best part about being a firefighter? The part of my job that I like the most is that I get to go to work everyday and my job is to help people. All jobs in one way help out with something but a job in public safety in my opinion is the most rewarding. There is a certain satisfaction knowing that you are doing something good for the community whether it is saving a child from dying in a burning building or helping an elderly widow get her escaped cat out of a tree. What is the worst part about being a firefighter? The worst part about being a firefighter is the pay is not as high as it should be. The job description requires you to risk a lot and receive a little. The wage a firefighter gets is that of a normal laborer. The economy is tough but if they can afford to keep putting out these stimulus packages with billions of dollars, some should go to increasing wages for jobs such as

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