Unit 15: Planning and Management of Major Incidents. Inter-Agency Emergency Planning Essay

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During major incidents it is important that responding agencies communicate and work together in order to effectively and efficiently deal with the incident this can be done in the following ways: Liaison Officers – liaison officers are members of the public services who are responsible form communicating with the other services as well as and sharing information between them. Liaison officers coordinate training days where the public service train together in order to improve their performance. Training days – organized training days where a simulated incident takes place allows the service to train and prepare for major incidents and outline any problems or areas that they need to improve on. Training can improve performance and response times. Emergency Plans - Emergency Plans or Contingency plans are a series of clear instructions on how responding agencies respond to a major incidents, each agency will have Contingency plans on how to respond to different types of major incidents. Liaison officer’s form each service will come together in conjunction with the local government to formulate a universal contingency plan that all service will work form. Command and control procedures – command and control networks are in placed so that the services effectively communicate and control the situations Civil Contingencies Act 2004 – the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 is a is an act of parliament of the United Kingdom that establishes a Framework for emergency planning and responses to incidents on a local and national scale all categories of responders work in conjunction with the Civil Contingencies Act to ensure they full fill their legal duties. Civil Contingencies Act 2004 by law ensures that all services lease with each other. Gold, Silver and Bronze The command and control structure is used by the public services to effectively control and command an

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