Inter-Agency Emergency Planning Essay

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D1 - Analyse the importance of inter-agency emergency planning for major incidents Inter-agency planning produces many benefits and positive outcomes which enhance the effectiveness of the services and the organisations involved in the planning process of major incidents. This in turn benefits the public as it may mean that because of the enhanced co-ordination because of the inter-operability, more life is preserved, there are fewer problems for the infrastructure and normality is resumed faster. The running theme throughout this piece will be one thing, efficiency. The main thing about interoperability in planning of major incidents is that the efficiency of it all benefits the services massively. In different ways, this efficiency provides…show more content…
This is where all the services come together and become aware of both the internal and external factors and the potential after effects and consequences if there is failure on their part; this stages therefore educates them on the scope of the situation and allowing them to come to terms with everything involved. This stage will include personnel from all levels who will be informed on the overall objectives and key principles of the plan. The key to this is that it sets out a plan of what each agency will do and what all of them need to avoid doing. I think this is so important in terms of being efficient in the response Then there is the information and gathering stage which is vitally important as this enables organisations to learn useful information internally within their own service and also externally from other organisations concerning the adequate response that will be suitable, the individuals and organisations which will be involved and who could contribute effectively and the needs of the public. Learning the needs of the public will enable the services to protect them and save more lives. This will then more likely produce an effective plan and therefore an emergency response that is
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