Understanding Employment Responsibilities and Rights in Health, Social Care or Children and Young People’s Settings

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UNIT 4222-209 Handle information in health and social care settings Outcome 1 All recording storing and sharing of information is to be done properly as it is vital to the vunerable individuals that i and others care for, their information should be well documented and always locked away. This is a vital legislation and is included in the policys and procedures. This information protects the individual and is not for just anyone to look at ,then the only people who can see this are the people that are careing for the person ,this protects me as a part of the team caring for the individual ,the information is also covered by the government data protection act 1998. Outcome 2 To access guidance and infortmation on handling the information i would have to speak with the people who are involved in the individuals care.This is stored in the care plans and this is in the nurses office which is locked if she is not in there .I can also access other information that is in the policys and procedures file which i can locate in the staff room that only the carers can use . If there is any concerns over any information that is stored or shared and recorded i would immediatly inform the senior/nurse and the manager ,to get the problem sorted out,I would also record and document it in the care plan and check that the individuals file was updated. Outcome 3 The records that i give are written accuratley and legible and up to date ,this is in accordance of my agreed way of working .these should also be precise in what has been written they should also be dated and be able to be understood. It should be written in black also be made clear and precise and signed .The information should be stored in the individuals care plan and file ,this information should only be used by the
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