Understand the Process and Experiences of Dementia

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Unit 4223-316; Understand the process and experience of dementia. Outcome 1 1) A range of causes of dementia syndrome are; •Alzheimer's Disease •Most Common •Nerve cells dying in certain areas of the brain •Vascular Dementia •One or more major strokes or lots of small strokes •Deprivation of oxygenated blood •Fronto-temporal dementia •Changes in personality •Affects younger people, particularly men and very rare. 2)The types of memory impairment commonly experience by individuals with dementia are; •Difficulty remembering things that happened a short while ago but the same person may remember things that happened many years ago •Loss of basic skills, cleaning washing shopping •Forgetting where they live •Becoming unaware of their surroundings •An inability to have and show empathy •Forgetting their disabilities 3)How the brain works is that the left side of the brain analyses information collected from the right side and it enable you to expand on what you see, you are then able to say ‘I know that dog, it belongs to my neighbour’. Whereas the right side is responsible for putting information together. For example: If you see a dog the information comes from your eyes to the right side of your brain. The Brain then uses 100billion neurons to put this information together. People with dementia who have damage to the neurons will have problems putting the information together. If it’s on the rights side they will still be able to see things but will not be able to make that connection as to who or what those things are. If the damage is on the left side they will have more organisational problems or problems with using language. 4)Other factors that can cause changes in an individual’s condition that may not be an attribute to dementia are; •Delirium: Severe confusion, disorganised thinking. Especially happens in

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