Undercover Assignment Of Criminal Violation

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Search Warrant Velasco Professor Hart Devry University 12/12/2012 SEARCH WARRANT (PHONE RECORDS) I am a sworn police officer employeed by the County of Kern Sheriff Department the Central Division. I’m the applicant for this search warrant of phone records. I do heraby state that there is a reasibable cause that there are criminal violations occuring at Do Drop In Bar located at 1631 Lager, Road El Fuego in County of Kern 93301. On Decemeber 11 of 2012, as I Officer Velasco #101 was assign for an undercover assignment of criminal violations metion in the address above. While undercover I heard and sae a regualar By the name of Billy Biglunch speaking to the owner of the bar Steve Sober that a inside source advise hime that the

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