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The Voice of a Generation Trey Songz is a major label recording artist, producer, and actor who is very successful and influential to society. There are entertainers who sing for their people and then there are singers who speak for their generation (“Trey Songz”). Trey started off as a normal kid, just like anyone else, but he had a talent that he grasped and used to gain fame and success. The music and artistry of R&B artist Trey Songz has influenced several musicians and his impressive record sales and global popularity demonstrate his success. Tremaine Aldon Neverson, better known as Trey Songz, began his career at an early age and had many influences that helped make him the artist he is today. Tremaine was born in Petersburg, Virginia on November 28, 1984. Trey did not have professional or rigorous musical training growing up, instead spending his formative years playing sports and going to church with his grandmother, who sang in the gospel choir. As a young man, Songz listened mostly to rap, but soon transitioned to R&B when he started listening to R. Kelly, to whom Trey has been compared for his soulful fusions of R&B and hip-hop (“Trey Songz”). His friends noticed his vocal talent and urged him to perform in public and Trey began performing at his school talent shows. After winning numerous talent shows in his native Petersburg, VA, the 15-year-old singer met Troy Taylor, who had worked behind the scenes with such artists as Patti LaBelle, SWV, and B2K. Taylor encouraged Trey to finish high school first, and then they could talk about a possible music career (Jeffries). After finishing high school, Songz began seriously mentoring under Taylor, and became his production assistant. Songz soon after signed with Atlantic Records. While working on his solo debut album, Atlantic also helped Trey collaborate on projects with other artists such as

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