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Tortilla Curtain Tortilla Curtain is written by author T.C. Boyle, and is published in 1996 by Penguin Books. Boyle was born on December 2, 1948 in Peekskill, NY, but grew up in a small valley part of Peekskill. When Boyle was 17, he changed his middle name to Coraghessan, a name he went by much due to his career (tc boyle bio 2). Boyle earned his BA in English and history from the State University of New York at Potsdam in 1968. Years later, after being accepted into Iowa’s Writers’ Workshop, he was able to earn his Ph.D. In 1978, Boyles received a job at the University of Southern California and has been a member of the English Department there since (tc boyle bio 2). T.C. Boyle writes books to focus on the main issues in everyday life (penguin group 1). In order for Boyles to write Tortilla Curtain he had to visit the fence at the border and see firsthand how the “Tortilla Curtain” was affecting Mexicans as well as Americans. Tortilla Curtain is a common phrase used to describe the Mexican border. The title is drawn on the image of the Iron Curtain, from the Cold War. Tortilla Curtain represents the weakness of the U.S. border policy. Boyles stories tend to be very affective due to their social consciousness, because it holds up the worlds evolving behavior to the light of analysis and to drama (penguin group 1). The setting takes place in Southern California in Topanga Canyon near Los Angeles, California. A white American couple lives in a Arroyo Blanco, a middle-class fenced off estate, and a Mexican couple lives on side the road in a raven area away from the busy scenery of Topanga Canyon. Boyle may have had the two couples living in close proximity, but they were far apart in separate worlds. In this novel, he is able to put the reader into the actual story by using unique writing styles and symbolism to help establish the racist, American dream and ironic

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