Anthony Giddens Essay

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Anthony Giddens Anthony Giddens was born January 18, 1938 in London to Thomas George and Nell Maude Giddens. He was born into a lower middle class family and was the first in his family to go to college. He began his education at the Minchenden Grammer School in Southgate of London. He then went on to Hull University where he obtained his bachelor’s in sociology and psychology in 1959 and the London School of Economics where he graduated with his masters in sociology in 1961. In 1976, Anthony Giddens received is doctorial degree from the University of Cambridge and went on to teach at different colleges. Giddens taught sociology at many prestigious universities in England. He was a lecturer of sociology at Leicester University from 1961-1970. At Cambridge University he was a lecturer and fellow from 1970-1984 and a professor of sociology from 1984 -1996. He then became the Director of the London School of Economics where he is most known. Along with teaching and being a part of universities, he also cofounded the Polity Press Ltd in 1985 and is still actively involved as the chair and director. Giddens has also written over thirty books and edited even more. His passion for politics and societal relationships is obvious in all of his works. Anthony Giddens sees the world from a political, sociological, and pro- environmental view. Many of his theories or thoughts about society deal with each view in a variety of ways. His theory of structuration deals with all levels of activity from micro to macro that is more than random acts of interactions and encounters. Structuration is the intermixing of human agency and social structure. Giddens believes that both human agency and social structure are interconnected and work with each other to form Structuration. His theoretical paradigm is structuration and how that affects society and its
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