Tom Buchanan and George Wilson Comparison

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Tom Buchanan and George Wilson By: Charles Tostaine The Great Gatsby was full of metaphors and symbolism along with similar characters that put together the outstanding story. One character, Tom Buchanan, was an intense character by handling his marriage in an improper way. Another character, George Wilson, was similar to Tom but was completely oblivious to his marriage. Although Myrtle threw him around and ordered him to do many things, George loved Myrtle but also had no clue to what his wife was doing. The characters Tom Buchanan and George Wilson, both similar and different, are used by Fitzgerald to explain the nature of man. Tom Buchanan, a wealthy business man, was a very careless person in the book. He was careless towards his own wife and daughter. Being so nasty and distant from them creates a selfish aura that simmers off to the reader. Tom is married to Daisy Buchanan and had a beautiful daughter with her. Although Tom had said his vows to Daisy and kissed her on their wedding day, he cheats on her, hits her, and shows no affection towards his daughter. When Tom found out that his wife had begun relations with Jay Gatsby, he set his mind only on Gatsby and wanted to fill his knowledge with Gatsby’s every move. Once he found out all about Gatsby, Tom confronted him in front of Daisy about all the illegal things Tom has heard. Hoping to end relations between Daisy and Jay, Tom did not hold back when confronting Gatsby. This whole situation is very ironic considering Tom is also having an affair with Myrtle and Daisy knows all about it. Tom only thought about himself and his image and got terribly mad because there was the chance of him losing his wife. George Wilson, compared to Tom, acts a lot like him except the abusiveness towards his wife, Myrtle. George owned a gas station in the Valley of Ashes and was very poor. In the book, he is described as
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