To What Extent Should the 1920’s in America Be Remembered as Good Times or Bad Times?

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To what extent should the 1920’s in America be remembered as good times or bad times? After World War one and the Treaty of Versailles, America became an isolationist. This meant they isolated themselves from all the other countries and didn’t get involved in other countries problems, America decided to take care of her own problems. During the 1920’s the USA became the richest and most powerful country in the world as a massive economic boom had occurred. However in 1929 disaster struck as banks went bust and share prices hit rock bottom.The roaring twenties, the age of excess and the Jazz age. These are just a few nicknames that were given to the 1920’s. To some people the 1920’s in America were the best of times, to others it was the period when things were wrong. People have such different opinions about America in the 1920’s for a number of reasons. When America became an isolationist it turned its energies towards creating an economic boom. This means that the economy of a country is doing exceedingly well, the industries are booming with business, the country is in a very good financial position. Reasons for the economic boom include how the American economy had been doing well since the 1870’s, it had been growing. During the First World War America had been a big place for manufacturing of weapons. The USA is an extremely big country and in the 1920’s it had a vast amount of resources. There was no need for import of many raw materials. The output of American industry doubled in the 1920’s. Vast quantities of consumer goods were skid in credit, including cars, telephones, radios and fridges. The businessmen and bankers did extremely well during the economic boom as more people were using banks and businesses were booming. During the 1920’s the entertainment industry grew massively. People started watching movies and going to
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