To What Extent Is Othello Responsible For His Own Essay

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To what extent is Othello responsible for his own downfall A tragedy is the story of an individual whose downfall is brought about by specific defects in his character which were in this case jealousy. His tragic flaws were his trusting and ultimately gullible traits a tragic flaw which that eventually brought about his downfall. Aristotle’s definition of a tragic hero is a man of noble stature. Othello is not an ordinary man as he was born of royal blood, he was also a man with outstanding quality and greatness about him, as he was a general in the Venetian army not only that but he defeated all odds as he was a black man ruling a white union. The tragic flaw that eventually leads to his downfall, a reversal of fortune brought about by the hero’s tragic flaw, which was the fact that the other character realized their misjudgments and the real wickedness was found out, which was Iago. The audience feels pity and fear for Othello because his weakness took over him and killed him; the audience may also liken themselves to the character and learn from it. Iago creates an alternate world filled with lies that overwhelm the trusting and naive Othello. Othello's downfall comes about due to a combination of the influence of Iago and the fatal character flaws of the admirable Othello. Othello is afflicted with a jealous tendency and inability to understand others and their motives. Together these two characteristics make him particularly weak compared to people like Iago who is very good at reading others, and especially good in knowing how to work Othello. In Scene 5 Iago, who also isolates Othello, increases the jealousy and then manipulates Othello into thinking that he is making it up, Iago says “beware my lord of the green eyed monster”. The first major influence we see that influences and foreshadows Othello’s down fall/death is the fact that he is too

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