What Kind of Man Was Odysseus

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What Kind of Man is Odysseus? Odysseus was a clever, sneaky, deceitful man. Although sometimes using these characteristics as a survival method, he also abused them in quite a few different ways. Such as tricking Calypso after sleeping with her, and fooling Polyphemus. Odysseus also a firm believer in hospitality; Which explains why he was in such distress after learning of the suitors attempt to take everything he’s ever worked for. Guile is a clever form of deceit. Odysseus was full of it; the perfect example was when he introduced himself to Polyphemus. “My name is Nobody; Mother, father, friends/everyone calls me Nobody.” (IX) Odysseus knew that they would they would try to kill Polyphemus, so He gave him this alias because he was aware that Polyphemus would call for help to the other Cyclopes, and when he did he would sound like an idiot. He also used his guile on Calypso. After a long stay in Calypso’s “Warm Caves” she was not willing to allow Odysseus to return home. So after Zeus left her without a choice, She came up with the idea of tricking him into insulting her, so that she could make him stay. So she asked him, “How could she be more interesting, more beautiful, than me a goddess?”(V) Odysseus, being the clever man that he is answered her, “My lady Goddess, there is no cause for anger. /My quiet Penelope - whom I know so well, would seem a shade before your majesty.”(V) Odysseus knew that he couldn’t lie to Calypso because she was a goddess, so he told her what she wanted to hear; That she was indeed prettier than Penelope, but notice there was a second issue in her question and he neglected to address it. He never once said that Calypso was far more interesting than Penelope because he would be lying and Calypso would see right through it all. Not only was Odysseus sneaky, he was also very arrogant! After defeating Polyphemus he was in the ship

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