To Kill A Mockingbird Essays: The Salem Witch Trials

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The injustice of the Salem Witch Trials remains in American history forever. The terrible incidents of the trials played out because of personal insecurites, jealousies and teenage boredom. As the event took course and grew to an epedemic, the Town of Salem was uprooted and taken by storm. Through harassment, men and women of Salem were in driven into the witchcraft craze of 1692. The absence of a fair and honest trial for the prosecuted in the small Protestant town is thought to be approached in a different manner today. And although in some situations this may be true, the past still dwells. The initial start of the hysteria originated in Salem Village in 1692. The instigators, Abigail Williams and her cousin Betty Parris were constantly faced with boredom, along with other young people of the Puritan communities because of the adult’s beliefs that the young adults should be doing things of a higher maturity level and not spending their time with play, engaged in magic and voodoo led by their servant, Tituba. started having fits described as “beyond the power of Epileptic Fits or natural disease to effect.”1 During one of the girl’s outbreaks, they would yell strange sayings and throw things around the room. They would also make complaints of being pinched and poked…show more content…
Guantanamo Bay dates back to the year 1903.9 In 2001, under President Bush, an executive order was signed that gave the US military charge to detain any non-American citizen believed to be involved in Terroism. The prisoners were entitled to minimal protection. The Witch Trials and Guantanomo Bay hold an obvious resemblance. In both Guantanomo Bay and Salem, the suspects were held prisoner based on accusations and lack of

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