The Crucible Diary Essay

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Dear diary, I have travelled the world and witnessed many conflicts, but the days of 1692 was by the far the highest, it was a time of fear and hysteria of people being convicted of witch craft. I am beginning to feel that conflict doesn’t just resolve matters it can bring the best, worst or unexpected reactions of people. Conflict in my opinion is to fight or battle over the one idea; it can also take over people’s survival instincts. Conflict can bring people together or tear two people apart and this can affect someone badly. The fears I had in Salem in 1692 was that the most honest and caring people were being prosecuted and murder by their innocence. I remember reading all quiet on the western front and it was a book that presented conflict of the unexpected in people. This is proven when Paul Baumer enlists in the war after he has just graduated from high school. He is a young, naive teenager who has never seen the…show more content…
I noticed the greed of Mr. Putnam, the jealousy of Mrs. Putnam and the power hungry desire of the girls who are so used to being controlled in their lives. These unsavoury characteristics may have stayed hidden had the accusations never begun as a way for the girls to protect their reputations. As the conflicts festered, along with hidden resentment in conjunction with the hysteria of witchcraft, people began to attribute their losses and misfortune to the use of black magic by their neighbours. Once this started, the ripple effect, or guilt by association was dramatic. In the case of Salem, conflict did bring out the worst in people. But it is not always the case; conflict is a natural part of any relationship, family or community. It is the ignoring of conflict or the sublimation of the importance of addressing disputes in a timely and honest manner that can lead to frustration and conflict bringing out the worst in
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