Title: Wingless Chickens: Good Country People and the Seduction of Nihilism

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Evaluating a critic Title: “Wingless Chickens”: “Good Country People” and the Seduction of Nihilism [Rejection of values and beliefs] By: Henry T. Edmondson III The author of this article sees O’Connor’s story, good country people, as an example of O’Connor’s fear of the treats of nihilism in society as well as a story of moral examples, Edmonson states, “Good Country People also teaches that a belief in nihilism is something less than a clear, rational choice; it is more likely an example of seduction.”(pg 72) According to his article he portrays joy-hulga (the main character) as someone who wants to be a nihilist and is playing with fire. “It is as if Hulga’s persistent flirtation with nihilism, by word and behavior has conjured up the spirit of nihilism itself and it has come to claim its own.” (Edmonson, pg 64). “Compared with Manley pointer, hulga is a dilettante in nihilism, an amateur in ‘nothingness.’”(pg 66. Edmondson). He sees manley pointer as being the actual nihilist and joy-hulga as an person still trying to develop a personality. Edmondson sees hulga as a naive nihilist “wana be” girl who thinks she’s the seductress and the one in control. Yet, in reality she’s merely a puppet who’s being used by manley pointer “the essence of nihilism itself.” (pg 64 Edmondson). Edmondson ideas of seduction and joy hulga as the one who’s being seduced by manley pointer seem to be on par. One would have to agree with him that manley pointer seems suspiciously non human and “the essence of nihilism itself.” He sees the story as an example of morality where joy-hulga the “sinister” that get a life learning lesson from her encounter with manley pointer. Edmond realizes and sees manley pointer as someone who “is something more than human” and yet fails to sees manley pointer as the devil himself. Edmondson notices that manley is a nihilist and a
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