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Essay The book Emma by Jane Austen and the film Clueless by Amy Heckerling are two texts that are strongly influenced by their context and are an expression of their cultural values. This concept is highlighted through the time the texts were written in, differences in Emma and Clueless, themes, language techniques and film techniques. Time is a factor that will have impact on a text and therefore determine its context, thus this will express its cultural values. Emma was published in 1816 in England. The novel was written for a 19th century reading public, mainly gentry and middle class audience. The movie Clueless was released in 1995 in the USA. The movie was aimed for a worldwide audience, mainly for a teenage audience. The process…show more content…
Social status has been justified in Clueless. Elton like Mr. Elton in Emma, is unable to consider Tai as a romantic contender, as he says to Cher ‘Me and Tai I mean, we don’t make sense right? Me and you, well, make sense’. First person and second person narrative has been used to reflect the emotions of the speaker .He rejects Tai because she is not up to his standards in terms of reputation and being posh. Heckerling transforms the reason for Cher’s rejection of Elton to age rather than social class; this highlights the cultural values through social…show more content…
Cher and Dionne wear expensive designer clothing, with short skirts and are always meticulously groomed. These two girls convey affluent and fashionable young women who are popular in their teen world. In a number of dolly shots we see Cher and Dionne being the center of attention, while they are making their way through the school footpath. In Emma Clothing has not been described as much as personalities differing. The best camera angles taken in Clueless are the dolly shots. This is where the camera focuses on the main characters in one continuous shot, providing continuous movement and making the shot realistic. Close ups are used to focus on the emotion responses to situations. A tilt is used when Tai is introduced, the camera moves from her body down to her feet to enable the audience to do what the characters are doing examine her fashion

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