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English assignment: Wendy Cope’s poem ”Tich miller” The poem Tich Miller is about a schoolgirl named Tich Miller. We don’t know the name of the person who is speaking, but we know that the person is nicknamed Tubby. Tubby is speaking to Tich about the relationship between them, and several incidents at the school. Incidents, fx as when they have to pick a team for the outdoor games, when they are avoiding each other and when they’re altering schools. Tich Miller wore glasses with elastoplast-pink frames and had “one foot three sizes larger than the other”. Tich is described by the speaker as very quiet and clumsy - therefore she always stood behind, unnoticed or disregarded, when they picked teams for outdoor games. As the name says, Tubby is very chubby, we don’t know if it’s a girl or a boy, but I guess it’s a girl. She is like Tich, unnoticed and overlooked. People at school don’t treat her very well, and she is definitely not having a good schooling. Tubby goes to the same school as Tich, but I don’t think that they’re friends because of the statement in the poem: “We avoided one another’s eyes stooping, perhaps, to re-tie a shoelace, or affecting interest in the flight of some fortunate bird” (li. 7-10). At first hand, I thought they were friends, but if they were friends, they would most likely stick together rather than avoiding one another’s eyes. I think it is because they’re in the same situation and therefore you will automatically connect them and think that they were friends, even though it does not say. There is also no evidence of them talking in the poem. There are a lot of similarities in their situations at school. Both of them are standing, waiting for someone to pick them for the team for the outdoor games, but they are unselected. They’re stooping, trying to re-tie a shoelace or affecting interest in the flight, as it says in the poem

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