Things Fall Apart and King Lear

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King Lear by William Shakespeare and Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe considered as classic novels that gained huge popularity in the world. In both stories reader is introduced with ideas and traditions of two different cultures – British and Ibo tribe. King Lear by William Shakespeare and Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe provide reader with examples of two powerful male protagonists, whose personal pride impacts their beliefs and relationships, which later results in their downfall. At first this essay will argue on how both characters are powerful and are respected in their societies. Then, it will prove that characters’ personal pride impacted their life principles and prove that this was the cause for their downfalls at the end of each story. Both Things Fall Apart and King Lear have to male protagonists that are considered as powerful figures among the society. In Things Fall Apart, main character Okonkwo works hard to be able to be respected among people. Okonkwo’s “prosperity was visible in his household. His own hut stood behind the only gate in the red walls. Each of his three wives had her own hut…” (Achebe, p.11). Okonkwo worked hard and tended to his crops in a very zealous fashion and this fact gave his the place among one of the Umofia’s most powerful men. In King Lear, the main protagonist is the King of England who is considered as a very powerful figure in the society. Lear is the man that tries to retain a lot of power and authority but does not want to have the responsibility of being an active ruler. Lear wants the whole army to follow him, so he could show up his strength: Preёminence, and all the large effects That troop with majesty. Ourself, by monthly course, With reservation of an hundred knights By you to be sustained, shall our abode Make with you by due turns” (Shakespeare, Act I: Scene I, line: 133-137) Lear considers his
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