France: The Great Absolute Monarchy

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Louis had a great lifestyle. One of his favorite things to do was eat. Since he loved eating so much, he had over 500 cooks, waiters, and other servants working around the clock to keep him happy. Also, if it wasn't done the way he wanted, or in a timely manner, he wouldn't be very happy. When traveling, everything had to go his way, and would only stop to comfort his needs. If someone had to use the restroom, they would have to wait. Louis was a very demanding child, and no one failed to see that. Colbert was Louis's minister of finance, because the economy of France was weak. He wanted to expand manufacturing and silk production, as well as mining and agriculture. Since the economy was very weak, he needed a lot of skilled workers for…show more content…
Despite the fact that France was the most powerful country in Europe, France was outmatched when two or more countries paired up. At the end of the wars, France only had 2 points, and only got to keep the territory of Alasce. Other than that, they had hardly any other advantages. It was disastrous, and perplexing war. Absolute Monarchy Absolute Monarchy is a system of government in which the ruling monarch has unlimited power. Louis was a great absolute monarch, and there are many reasons to prove it. For one, his childhood really helped him. The Fronde was a series of terrifying riots. This scared Louis XIV a lot, but it also benefited him. The townspeople began to consider him as an absolute monarch, because they would rather have one then the series of riots that were going on. For the people/peasants, nothing could compare to the awful Fronde. Now that he was an absolute Monarch, Louis had an extravagant lifestyle. He had food, got his way, and everything he wanted! Especially since he had a strong personality, and that reflects the strength of the government. Since he was an absolute monarchy, he had unlimited power. That's why everyone would obey him, and let him have his
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