Theme Of Insanity In Joseph Heller's Catch-22

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Catch-22 is a novel that at first appears to simply be the monotonous story of an Air-Force captain during World War 2. The apparent uniformity of the story is present because the exposition of the story takes place on the lonely island of Pianosa, in the Mediteranean. Upon further inspection of the story, it becomes a darkly comedic satire portraying the madness and absurdity of warfare. The Air Force captain by the name of Yossarian is infuriated by the fact that he has no idea why he is fighting the enemy. His wholehearted belief in the idea that he’s “the last sane man on earth” remains a motif throughout the novel. The implication of this motto is that insanity is relative and statistical. Although…show more content…
The title of Catch 22 is derived from a concept coined by the \ author, Joseph Heller. It occurs when two concrete rules or laws confilict each other,creating a paradox. Catch-22’s namesake concerns Yossarian’s inability to get himself removed from the military. In order to get sent home, a pilot must be considered insane, but the action

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