Theme Of Guilt In Macbeth Act 2

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Insufferable guilt, which turned into folly in In Act 2 scene 2,shows who has the real guts to do what it takes with a clear conscience and not be guilty for what has been done. Shakespeare reveals the differences in characters between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth by letting her Start of this scene. Though to some this may seem like nothing, with the Lady starting off this scene you get the sense that she is the driving force behind this scheme. This Act is the main pilot behind everything to come, as this where we see how the two characters Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are so much more different than we ever thought, as you see who has the guts to do what and who is guilt-free in this scene. In lines (23-32) Where Macbeth is unsure and quite guilty…show more content…
Even at the beginning of the scene where she is so confident that her plan is fool proof and her husband has killed Duncan (lines 4-8), where she says, “he is about it … “. From the very beginning we perceive Lady Macbeth as manipulative and deeply ambitious and essentially has the power to control her husband's actions. This is evident through the plot to kill King Duncan in Act 2 scene 2. Lady Macbeth insulted her husbands manhood stating: "What beast wasn’t then, When you durst do it then you were a man; And to be more.... Showing that she would be even more of a man if she were him, thus forcing him to slowly leave his conscience aside and do what his wife has told him. She also presents herself as a cruel and evil character when she says, “That which hath made them drunk hath made be bold” shows that she is guiltless and not worried about the consequences of her actions. And Despite all that her husband is saying in this scene about this guild Lady Macbeth somehow remains adequately hardened to the deed that she has done and even goes on in this scene to make several horrific and ironic comments, which is believably since it is coming from her cunning mind. But I would say that just by looking at this scene I can tell that lady Macbeth is a cold and Two-faced woman who will go through life-threatening things to achieve what she

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