Lady Macbeth Guilty Analysis

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Macbeth is a character full of contradictions. On one hand he is ruthless and manipulative and on the other, shows signs of confusion and remorse. Macbeth is a tragic hero. He has fatal flaws and expresses the qualities of being cunning, sinful and having an unbridled ambition however, Macbeth demonstrates the frailties of humans and exaggerates how they are typical of all men. ‘Merely’ is an inaccurate way to describe Macbeth. There is no doubt that Macbeth shows the characteristics of a ‘tyrant’ and a ‘butcher’ however, to say he is ‘merely’ these things is almost like saying that the murderous acts he committed is all he is. Whilst we know that Macbeth is much deeper than this. Undoubtedly, the circumstances that Macbeth was presented…show more content…
Lady Macbeth, unlike Macbeth is cunning, does not show any remorse and knows exactly where she wants to be. Lady Macbeth takes advantage of this situation and convinces Macbeth to take part in the beginning of these murderous acts. Questioning his manhood and convincing Macbeth that it is the right thing to do, although he knows it is morally incorrect, we, as the audience are placed to feel sympathetic towards him as she is using him for her own selfish reasons. “Look not like th’ innocent flower, / But be the serpent under it” is the beginning of his facade that Lady Macbeth creates, yet is dramatic irony and how appearances are deceptive. Before the vicious acts and insanity jumps in, Macbeth expresses his moral dilemma and how he is extremely confused. He tries to persuade himself that it is unethical and how he probably shouldn’t go through with it yet, Lady Macbeth encourages him otherwise. Even when Macbeth hallucinates a dagger floating towards him, he still shows that he has a conscience and can tell the difference between right and wrong. “There is no such thing:/ It is the bloodied business which informs/ Thus to mine eyes.” Exaggerating how it is murder which he is about to commit that is the catalyst for his
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