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Thematic Backpack Plan ECE 214 August 17, 2014 Welcome Families! This month we will be studying children’s health. Your child will bring home the health and wellness backpack for one week. In this backpack, you will find activities, games, books, and ideas for you to learn with your children about health and wellness. Throughout the next week, you are encouraged to try each activity alongside your child. During this unit, the children will be learning about health, wellness, nutrition, and safety. So have fun with the enclosed materials, try a new activity each night with your children. Everything is included so there are no materials for you to provide other than your time. Additionally, there are also books that incorporate the theme of this unit. For fun have…show more content…
The collages will be collected upon the backpack return and displayed around the classroom once all the students have had their turn. Nutrition: This section we are asking you to play the grocery store challenge. How this is played is each family member is given five (5) minutes to run into the kitchen and come back with as many healthy and nutritious items they can find, the person with the most items wins. A book has been provided to help with understanding what are the good choices to make. Mama Bear notices Papa and the cubs are getting chubby so they change their eating habits to be healthy. Please provide a family recipe up on the return of the backpack. We will be making a cookbook once we have all the recipes. Copies will be sent home with each child. Safety: In this last section, we are learning about safety. Enclosed in the backpack are coloring pages that describe the proper way to cross the street, stranger danger, and bullying. Please discuss these issues with your children. A book on the subject on bullying is provided. Sister bear is beaten up by Tuffy, a new cub in

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