Planned Intervention and Evaluation Essay

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Running head: CASE STUDY: PLANNED INTERVENTION AND EVALUATION 1 Case Study: Planned Intervention and Evaluation Reba Ann Bowyer Purdue Calumet CASE STUDY: PLANNED INTERVENTION AND EVALUATION 2 Case Study: Planned Intervention and Evaluation Nursing Interventions During the module 2 case study assignment, I choose the nursing diagnosis of Imbalanced Nutrition: More than body requirements ( for the Smith family. I choose this diagnosis because the Smith family has a very unhealthy diet of mostly fast food and are all over weight. The interventions I would suggest for the Smith family are first I would have them implement a daily food diary, listing total calories eaten, types and amounts of food, and eating habits and feelings. This “provides the opportunity for the individual to focus on a realistic picture of the amount of food ingested and corresponding eating habits and feelings” ( By having the family do this exercise it will identify patterns that they can change and help to customize a dietary program for them. I would then have them identify what a realistic goal is for each family member, given that the Mom is basically a single mother during the week, the son is a diabetic with a fairly sedentary lifestyle and that the youngest member, the daughter is active in dance. I might also have a nutritionist come for a session to discuss what a healthy diet is and how easily they can achieve healthy eating even on a busy schedule or while traveling. A nutritionist would also be beneficial for the diabetic members of the household in explaining what they should eat and how to manage their diabetes in the most effective way. Outcome Evaluation I believe these interventions are appropriate for this family because they have a
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