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Business Plan University of Phoenix Business Law/ BUS 415 August 31, 2009 Business Plan The Wild Gator is a luxurious sports bar franchise incorporated in Orlando, Florida. The Wild Gator is programmed to start its operation within a six month period, and the managerial group is in the ending stages of creating a company plan. The objective of The Wild Gator is to unite sports bar fans with their favorite teams by providing them with a completely interactive sports experience. The focal point at The Wild Gator is to focus on the strategies of a range of thriving businesses to generate a winning method. The lasting focal point will be to create an exceptional status in the United States and slowly open franchises internationally. In the course, they must apply knowledge of how dissimilar business organizations work officially in the different geographical locations they operate. The company will experience diverse conflicts locally and globally that they have to be equipped to tackle legally and effectively. In order to possess and operate a business in Florida, proper channels must be followed. Initial Plan The goal of The Wild Gator is to convey the most acclaimed sporting events for the consumers and supply them with a entirely interactive sports experience as if they were at the sports ground or stadium. At The Wild Gator regulars can observe all main sporting events. Each room will have five large high definition screens. Several sport rooms will be assigned for sports currently in season. Each game area will be completely set with a bar, and comfortable recline seating to watch the sports event. Regulars will have the alternative of ordering food; they can do so at the bar. In addition, a video game area with traditional sports arcade games will be available. The Wild Gator target customers are; men and women of aristocracy, sports fans, and

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