The Wicca Religion Essay

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The God and the Goddess Wicca is a Polytheistic religion, they believe in a God and a Goddess, for the most part. Some Celtic Wiccans believe in more then to, but it tends to varies from person to person, since Wicca is a very open religion in beliefs. But we will be focusing on the God and Goddess. The Creation Wicca has no specific creation story, but they do have main points about how it happened. It is believed that the goddess and god did not create the universe, but the universe (which is not personified in any way) created the goddess and god. It is either said that they were created as twins or that the Goddess was created, then she created the God. Either way, they are seen as equal (i.e., Ying and Yang). Some Wiccans write their own creation stories in their Book of Shadows. Wiccan’s see their creation story as mythology, but tell it to explain natural things in a spiritual way. Since they see their stories as mythology it is not unusual to see Wicca’s turn to science for answers (i.e., The Big Bang theory). ***See Creation Story in Back *** The God is often seen as the “Horned God”, is known as the masculine form of the divinity. He is often seen as a god of woodlands, sexuality, and hunting. He is linked to the sun; well the goddess is linked to the moon. The God is a lot less developed then the Goddess, which often leads people to believe Wicca as a feminine religion, but in truth as a stated before they are equal. The “Horned God” has a very sexual nature, which led him to receive the name Old Horny. Some other names that he is called by, The Lord and The Old One, half the year he is known as the Oak King, during spring and summer, and known as the Holly King in fall and winter. The Goddess is usually portrayed as a Triple Goddess with aspects of 'Maiden', 'Mother' and 'Crone’. The Maiden- enchantment, inception, expansion, the

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