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The Wiccan Way Candace Thompson Hum/130 June 18, 2010 Sonja Sheffield Axia College at University of Phoenix Always fascinated with the Wiccan religion and desiring to learn more, the opportunity arose in my World Religions class and I delved into it learning about "The Mystery Religion" for my final paper. Discovering that there are numerous denominations of Wicca, not unlike Christianity, in which there are the Catholics, Lutherans, Methodists, etc., some Wiccans practice Gardenarian, Alexandrian, or Dianic witchcraft. I interviewed an acquaintance with known involvement in Gardenarian Wiccan religion. Meredith is the owner of a Metaphysical Shoppe called the Krystal Window in downtown…show more content…
Traditionally Wicca or Neopaganism means either "wise ones" or to bend or shape. Christianity means the followers of Christ. Gerald Gardner (1884–1964), a retired English civil servant founded Wicca in the 1950s in England and the theology of this religion is Polytheism (many Gods) or pantheism (God/Gods are part of nature). (Heselton, 2009). Jesus of Nazareth (c. 4 BC-30 AD), a Palestinian Jew, residing in Israel/Palestine, brought Christianity to humanity. Today there are approximately two billion followers of Christianity. Christianity, a Hebrew monotheistic religion with Greco-Roman philosophy, has the cross for its symbol and the sacred text is the Bible. (Fisher, 2005). Wicca is a Celtic and Norse pagan religion with the pentagram or pentacle as its symbol and no specific religious text. The Book of Shadows is used in Wicca as a spell and regulatory book. (Howard, 2009. p. 266). The deity in Christianity is One God, who is a Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit whereas in Wicca the belief is in the Goddess and the horned God, the Goddess alone, or a combination of these with other deities included. (Fisher, 2005). Wiccans view time as cyclical, usually with outside worship services. Their main holidays are Samhain, Beltane, the equinoxes, and the four solstices. Wiccans use the Wheel of Life organized by nature's holidays and festivals. (Anctil, 2005). Christianity uses linear time, the various denominations are predominantly worshipped in a church, and the holidays are Lent, Easter, Advent, Christmas, and various other feasts. The afterlife for these religions include reincarnation until one reach's the Summerland in the Wiccan faith and for Christianity there is resurrection, judgment, and eternal heaven or hell. (Fisher, 2005). The regular rituals encompassing Wicca are prayer, casting a circle, Drawing Down the Moon, reciting spells, dancing,

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