The Veldt Literary Analysis

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tInteractive Notes on The Veldt by Ray Bradbury First Reading of the Story: Students generally relish in the gruesome outcome of this utopian (and dystopian) story. The story was written in the 1950’s, but the setting of the story still remains futuristic when compared to this day. Because of its dark nature and ideas regarding family and technology, the story would be excellent to teach in a grade 8 or 9 class. Second Reading of the Story: Some questions came to mind during my second reading of the story: * How would I characterize Mr. and Mrs. Hadley? * How would I characterize Wendy and Peter? * How would I describe the children’s relationship with their parents? * What is the mood of the story? * How does Bradbury…show more content…
The house is wife and mother now, and nursemaid. Can I compete with an African veldt? Can I give a bath and scrub the children as efficiently or quickly as the automatic scrub bath can? I cannot.” (4) * “Now we’re going to really start living. Instead of being handled and massaged, we're going to live."” (13) Point of View: The Veldt is written from the Third-Person point of view: * Third-Person Point of View – the narrator is not a character in the story. * Because the narrator tells the story from the perspectives of George and Lydia it is not considered an omniscient point of view. * This means that the reader does not have the same insight to the children’s minds as it does to the parents’. * The only change in this point of view is at the end of the story after George and Lydia have died. At this point in the story the third-person narrator is speaking from the perspective of Peter and Wendy (14). Key Themes: Technology: * “The Veldt” was first published in 1950, a time when technology was just starting to entire the everyday lives of families. The infiltration of technology into the home would have undoubtedly caused uneasiness in some
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