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The Time Capsule Adventure Kimberly Sousa HUM/102 March 28, 2013 Nancy Erickson The Time Capsule Adventure Time Capsule through the Renaissance to the Age of the Baroque This paper will be based on a fictional cultural anthropologist who begins a journey to find a missing time capsule. The adventure starts knowing that the contents supposedly of this time capsule contain historical memories that come from both Renaissance and the Age of the Baroque. The renaissance period has two know periods one is the Early Renaissance was estimated from the years 1400 to 1490, and the where the High Renaissance, was estimated in the range of 1490 to 1530. In Early Renaissance period both culturally and socially had a sudden explosion of notorious artist the world. An enormous volume of art produced during this period. It was religious art and it was making a statement all over the world. Churches of Rome and the catholic religion were control the country which it was affecting every aspect and every area of life from social hierarchy, to the political motivation and removing the ideas that were being raised…show more content…
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