The Thankful Smile Essay

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Natasha Prof. Chen Sophomore Composition Dec. 16, 2013 The Thankful Smile It was an ordinary afternoon just one month before the entrance exam—I studied all morning in the cram school, ate lunch with my classmates, and then went to take the bus home. But on that day, something special happened to me when I was on my way home from the cram school. After the happy lunch time talking and laughing with friends, I said good bye to them and left the restaurant in a hurry. It is true that time flies quickly when you’re having fun— I was absorbed in a relaxing chat, so that it was only 3 minutes left to the departure time of the bus when I left the restaurant! Almost missing the bus, I brisked up my pace to the bus stop, walking across the busy street full of the people with fast steps. Then in front of me walked a woman carrying an armful of goods, moving so slowly that many people went past her and walked ahead rapidly. In a hurry, I also tried to walk past her and rush to the bus stop. However, suddenly, a man in a black suit passed by her and bumped into her shoulder. She lost her balance and as a result, all of her goods fell and scattered around the street. “ Oops. ” the man said with astonishment. Then he took a glance at the woman indifferently, just making a superficial apology that sounded like “ Uh, sorry. But you should watch your step, ma’am” before he left. I stood there stunned, not knowing what to do. The woman squatted picking up her goods in silence without any complaint. So many people witnessed what happened to her. They were definitely shocked at that moment, but later they continued walking. Soon, the bustle of the busy street returned. Everyone walking past her ignored the very one in need. The mixed feeling of anger and sadness stabbed my heart strongly. “Why nobody just stops for a while and helps that woman? Why everybody just goes

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