‘the Success of a Constitution Is Dependent on Its Ability to Evolve’ Discuss

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A constitution lays out the rules and guidelines that specify the abilities, rights and powers that belong to a government and the citizens of a certain country; it should provide a clear structure from which to govern. The success of a constitution is largely judged on its ability to remain strong whilst maintaining the ability to evolve to satisfy a countries needs as society changes. Flexibility is key however too much of this would cause significant disruption to a governments ability to rule and a citizens day to day life. A constitution needs to remain relevant yet rigid in order to preserve a stable government. The success of a constitution may rely on its ability to evolve however there are also many other factors that will lead to the success of a constitution. It could be stated that by looking at the American constitution the ability to evolve is not the main factor in success. The American constitution had remained in place for over two hundred years whilst being fairly rigid, lacking the ability to evolve and with only 7 amendments being made. However it can be regarded as successful based on its other merits. One could be its ability to prevent abuse of power. The amendment process in American was made deliberately complicated by the founding fathers to prevent rash changes being made. A two thirds majority is needed in both houses and a further ratification from three quarters of states. This may appear to make it outdated as it would not adapt as society evolved it still maintains the ability to be interpreted in order to be moulded to fit certain situations and viewpoints. It is claimed that the founding fathers worded certain parts of the constitution vaguely and in general terms in order to prepare for future changes without needing to make an amendment. for example the first amendment states ‘congress shall make no law respecting an establishment

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