Arguments Against The Constitution Essay

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The Constitution Who said that the farmers of The Constitution were not opinionated people like us? There was much thought put into this very important written document, as well as many arguments opposing the Amendments it states. Even the farmers of the Constitution did not had agreements and oppositions to it. Although there were many objections against The Constitution, they never changed the document itself. Its main purpose was to give set guidelines and mandates in which we must function, keeping everything in an orderly, structural way. I believe that one should perceive this document from the point of view in which it is stated; also taking under consideration that one must not perceive each issue in depth, for the Constitution was written among ample ideas. The Constitution was not made with the intentions to cover all aspects of day to day challenges, nor was it created to cover all future debates. It was strictly to be interpreted for the reasons of a structural…show more content…
In agreement, I believe all shall follow for strictly guidelines and restrictions, not to be precise within each Amendment, not one should uphold detail. The unwritten Constitution refers to traditions that have become part of our political system. Although George Washington warned us against Political Parties, they nominate candidates for office. Political Parties are not written into The Constitution, yet the people of the United States are left to vote and decide who the winner of the elections will be, and who will take the position as the next President of the United States. Yet, another reason why we, as a nation, alter the Constitution in our own ways, still allowing each part as an indication of mandate. Moreover, that is not written in The Constitution is the fact that Washington appointed cabinet members to help him run the
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