The Sociological Imagination Essay

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The term Sociological Imagination was originated by the prominent sociologist C. Wright Mills. Through his book we understand that the phrase 'Sociological Imagination' can be defined as the ability to understand how our personal thoughts, desires and actions are ultimately connected to our society. Through further readings we understand that our personal biographies are developed in emerging societies that are eventually going to be a part of history, and to some degree, that said history will become the foundation for future societies to come. With the use of Sociological Imagination we would qualify to take into consideration past historical events and their influence on our lives today which will ultimately allow for a better understand of the structure of our individual lives as well as society as a whole. Mills interpreted the Sociological Imagination as “the vivid awareness of the relationship between experience and the wider society” (Mills, 1959). However, in order to become aware of the connection between our personal background and the wider society, we as individuals would need to activate our Sociological Imagination and detach ourselves from everyday patterns in order to gain a new perspective. We have come to infer that using ones Sociological Imagination is understanding that factors from society and societies of our past contribute to the way our family, friends, and neighbours may behave. Different societies in various parts of the world differ in forms of government, cuisines, dress and ways of entertainment. These life styles present in dissimilar societies world wide can be explained by looking and studying the conditions, resources and ways of thinking that have been used in the past , which were gradually passed down to future generations, becoming the traditions and customs we see today. Through the examination of historical facts

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