The Secret Pond

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Title: The secret pond Introduction: Location: We went to 2 different separate locations during our trip to the secret pond. The secret pond was located in Bloomington, Minnesota and the other place we went to called Black Dog Preserves which is located in Burnsville, Minnesota. Objectives: Do frogs really stop synchronous calling when disturbed by human sounds? -When we went to the secret pond, we did not see or hear anything. We waited until 9pm, when the sun sets, and went back to the pond. When we got there Rich, our frog guide experts, thought he heard a green frog chirp. Materials: - Cameras - Recorder/ external microphoneSU - Frog poster - Rich, our frog guide - expeditions - Flashlight - Cell phones Methods: - We use 2 quarters, hit them against each others to make a clicking noise - Clapping - We were also talking/communicating to each other - Listening - Shine flashlight - Rich made frog sounds Observations: We walked about 3-6 miles and we got to the secret pond about 8pm. We went to the secret pond but heard nothing and we waited until the sun set at 9pm. When the sun set, we went back to the pond but we got no results. Rich decided to go elsewhere. We went to Black Dog Preserves and no results there too. Then we decided to come back to the secret pond, since it was about 10:30pm already. When we got there, Fabio were using 2 quarters, hitting against each other to make a clicking noise, and we heard a frog chirp. Rich thought it might be a green frog that responded. After, we heard nothing. We walked back to the car, we found an American Toad jumping on the dirt road. We took photos of it and released it. Conclusions: Human interactions do affect the callings of the frogs and they would stop for a few seconds and then come back louder. But the one we heard at the secret pond, it chirp once then that was

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