The Scorpio Races Symbolism

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The Ocean Spray The symbolism that is illuminated in The Scorpio Races is exemplified and expressed greatly through the representation of water. Since the story is vast in water, the examples provided will be based around the sea and the ocean. In The Scorpio Races, water is the basis and the main cause of the problem, and the creator of the plot. This is especially true since capaill uisce, one of the crucial aspects in the plot, are born from the water. The ocean shows consistent hunt and people are the constant prey. First, one example of symbolism is “Shhhhhh, Shhhhhh says the sea.” (123). This example shows how the sea is wearing a mask of innocence. This makes the sea looks like it is very innocent, even though it is the main source of death in the book. Another reason why the sea is wearing a mask of innocence is because it lures people in with its beauty and scenery. When the person gets close enough, it sucks them in and kills them. The sea doesn’t do it itself, but with the help of the capaill uisce. Also, the ocean is hypnotizing all animals and people to come to it, just to feed the capaill uisce. That is how the ocean is wearing a mask of innocence and is hypnotizing to people. Another example of symbolism in The Scorpio Races is the quote, “Nothing is as red as the sea that day.” (252). This quote is used when Sean’s dad dies in the story. As this is a tragic moment in the book for Sean. The sea that day is so red because it is contaminated by the blood of Sean’s dad. Also, the sea is full of blood, thanks to the capaill uisce, and that same reason is why Sean’s father is dead. If anything is to happen to Sean, the Kendrick bloodline would be extinct, or dead for good. This is how the quote, shows and symbolizes how the death of Sean Kendrick’s father is a main and important event in the story The Scorpio Races. Finally, one last example of

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