Brevetoxin Speech (Aka Red Tide)

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Brevetoxin (also known as red tide) is a problem for not only marine life, but us humans as well. As stated in the first altered oceans video, one of the major problems with the ocean is that it has turned into a bartering field where we deposit our trash and “shop” for food by pulling fish out of their habitat. What if even our fish and trash weren’t the only problem? Well they aren’t. Researchers and even residents around Florida’s sunny coast have been discovering the red tide’s harmful effects on marine life. Says resident Buddy Gaines,” The red tide is making paradise a creepy place.” Red tide is inherently a form of algae that forms a toxic layer on top of it that is released into the air and inhaled by many people and sea creatures. It has been said that the wind of the gulf resembles lingering for too long in an over chlorinated pool; Chest tightening, shortness of breath, scratchiness in the throat, burning eyes and headaches. There are many affected by this already, and this current of toxic waste is only growing. A hundred and fifty years ago is when this toxic current was earliest recorded. This has significantly increased in size and toxicity. This has left scientists pondering whether or not it is safe to live in the areas where the red tide occurs. Residents are left in the middle of this all, to settle upon the more important: Health, or the homes they thought were a catch in

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