Titanic Persuasive Essay

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The Titanic Debate: Should It Be Exposed or Not? After 99 years of rest, perfect nirvana, many rumor that the Titanic will be risen from the deep blue sea. I side with the strong disbelievers in this category. Its rude to disturb the people who died there thant night, its where they are happy. That’s just a few reasons why the Titanic should be left under water, in its peace. The titanic is a great part of history and by all means should be brought up, here is why. Whats a better way to explore the people, the time period and the boat than to see it with the naked eye? Like the old saying, “Out of sight, out of mind” implies, if we explore it and see it ourselves, we will consider it more. Plus bringing artifacts up is a great way to explore the richer or the poor people back in the early 1900’s. Its also a great way to immoratlize the passengers and the time period. But this is all a horrible idea, think of the crushing and breakage this could bring to the Titanic. The great ship, Titanic, is a silent resting spot for very many who died that night. While bringing it up, it may crush going through all the water pressure levels of the sea.The water pressure is very strong at the bottom of the ocean where ti Titan is placed. If this were to happen what would have been the point of bringing it up? To officially destruct and ruin the past of the Titanic. Not to mention other than destruction and disregard the Titanic its also like stealing from the many people who died there that night. That is now a sacred sea and as we all know, stealing is disrespectful. Many people, maybe even our ancestores, soul’s lie in the deprths of the great blue Atlantic Ocean. Why should we distube the peace now? What if the people that died there were your brother, sister, mom, or dad? How do you think they would feel, well, how would you feel? If, forone day, the lost, wandering
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