Ocean Pollutants Essay

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Ocean pollutants comes from lands It seriously affects the life cycle of coral reefs thriving in the ocean. The oil spilled in the ocean could clog up the gills of fishes, thereby preventing respiration. It affects the process of photosynthesis of marine plants, since it blocks the sunlight. (Hartmut Frank et al., 2001,para 4)What is it? It is the pollutant of ocean.Most ocean pollution begins on land. Actually, human’s land-based activities produce nearly 80 percent of trashes. Then, lots of trashes are transported to the oceans by rivers or the others. The trashes coming in oceans include oil, fertilizers, seas of garbage, and sewage dumping. In the next, I want to give more details about the four main pollutants. First, oil spills happens frequently. In fact, of the approximately 706 million gallons of waste oil in the ocean each year, offshore drilling operations contribute about 2.1 percent, and transportation accidents account for another 5.2 percent. (Kristin et al.,2003,para. 5)Therefor, the oil spill is relatively significant. We can see it in details by viewing on some famous oil spills. For example, in 1978, the Amoco Cadiz confronted storm and hit the reefs. As a result, all of 68.7 million gallons of oil on the boat were poured into the sea and over 200 miles of Brittany’s coastline were polluted. According to “Perfluorinated Chemicals”, there were 4.2 million barrels of oils spilled from the BP. Totally, oil spills cause huge damage to marine environment, especially on marine life. Oil, a product that we often use to keep warm, can cause hypothermia in marine animals. As oil mixes with water, it forms a substance called "mousse," which sticks to feathers and fur. (Jennifer Kennedy, 2004, para.5)For example, hundreds of seabirds die per year because they are insulated by mousses so that they are not able to keep warm. Second, dumping of

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