The Role of Media in the Society Essay

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Introduction Media is very important for society because it is essential to have a healthy democracy. A strong media is the cornerstone of a democratic society as it makes people in power accountable for their acts; it makes sure that the truth is brought to the surface for all the citizens to know and it offers a wide variety of different opinions so that in learning about them, people can form their independent opinion. Journalists have the job of bringing information about certain topics that normal people don’t have access to. I can mention for example, information about politicians or people with important posts and their different strategies to success Media’s role in peace building processes A reliable and diverse media (accurate and balanced) is essential to a peace building process, in particular but not only its governance and democracy component. This section focuses on some key aspects of that role with particular emphasis on the following points: * Media helps disseminate information and represent a diversity of views sufficient for citizens to make well-informed choices and be able to participate in public life; * Media serves as a watchdog over leaders and officials, as well as other actors in the peace building process; * Medias presence is essential in the monitoring of human rights and the functioning of other civil society actors; * Media coverage is essential during an electoral period; * Media helps raise awareness on other dimensions of peace building processes and is therefore a vital support to many of its components in different sectors of activities; * Media can contribute to efforts to change attitudes in the general public; and * Media has been shaped by the enhanced role of new technologies in peace building processes (ICT for peace building). Media, dialogue, and public participation A pluralistic

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