Political Communication Rhetoric

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Political communication and political rhetoric enable citizens to administer an imperfect world. As stated in lecture, politics is important because we live in a world with scarce resources. Though rhetoric may not be intrinsic in every political system, democratic or not, it helps the political process move smoothly and efficiently. Additionally, even if one does not agree that political rhetoric is helpful, it is important to recognize that it exists and understand it, so as not to become a victim or apathetic citizen. It is helpful to ask, “Where would we be and what would we do without political communication?” First, it is important for politics to remain future directed and open to possibilities. This helps us because…show more content…
Edelman believes that leaders make decisions that don’t have much effect on the country’s problems & these decisions are either glorified or attacked. However, groups such as the military make decisions that directly affect the people, and these decisions are not publicized. Leaders are part of a larger network and do not affect a society alone. Understanding this prevents people from becoming blind followers of the President. Recognizing political communication and the tensions in politics, enables receivers of the media to watch and listen with critical eyes and ears. For example, symbols like the Budweiser Ad on television may evoke emotions and as stated in class, symbols are hierarchical. It is hard to not feel emotions when watching the advertisement but knowledge and acceptance that symbols are present prevents us from falling prey. It is also helpful for one to understand political communication and the political model for building coalitions in case one ever has the need to form a group. The factors going into a coalition that can get things done include a window of opportunity, relationships, a sense of morals, exercising style, and exhibiting care. If one ever plans to gather people for a common cause, political communication will be
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